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Programmatic dsp

AdPlay Demand Side Platform is the pioneer in automated advertisement media buying at Bangladesh. We offer vast amount of Ad inventories and versatile targeting parameters. 

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Rich media/Video creatives:  

Create campaign creatives as per your preference and best suited for your campaign goals. Rich media is an interactive creative that contains various engaging touchpoints. These touchpoints are capable of tracking the whole user journey in an advertisement campaign which also allows you to know your audience better. Thus, retargeting gets easier in the next campaigns due to utilizing previous campaign data effectively.  

VAST campaign:  

Have more insights about the campaign and audience even while running a video campaign.  

AdPlay DSP VAST fetches important campaign data from ad servers during video campaigns making video campaigns data-driven as well. This is a suitable feature to run CPCV (cost per completed views) campaigns.   

 Contextual targeting: 

Contextual targeting can drastically improve your campaign’s performance and result in more conversions because of Ad placement according to certain situations preferable for the audience which triggers their buying behavior. 

 Date time parting: 

Have advanced control over the timing of your Ad Campaigns. AdPlay DSP allows you to have time partition which gives you the choice to run campaign at your preferred time.  

 Publisher wise bidding:  

Pay your preferred bid price to the selected publishers. AdPlay DSP’s publisher-wise bidding system allows the advertiser to manipulate the bid price for selected publishers  


While choosing the exact target audience for your Advertisement campaign, AdPlay DSP has a vast category of options to segment your audience. Categories such as Age, Gender, Geo, Device, Carrier, Verticals, Language, OS market, Environment, Viewability, etc. are considered while creating a campaign     


AdTrack, an ad tracking solution from AdPlay, is an innovative advertisement tracking tool that monitors advertising campaigns for various brands across numerous publishers. The solution is a pioneer in analyzing brand communication from both advertisers’ and publishers’ perspectives.

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Brand tracking

 AdTrack helps you to monitor advertising campaigns for various brands across multiple publishers. You can analyzbrand communications of various brands in your market from both advertisers’ and publishers’ perspectives. 

How AdTrack works 

In AdTrack, the tracker reaches deep into sub-domains to find out advertisements according to verticals. For example, segmenting verticals such as Real estate, technology, e-commerce, appliances, construction etc. segments from publishers to sort out campaigns accordingly 


Reporting in AdTrack 

AdTrack provides insight about all the campaigns from a particular brand across multiple channels such as YouTube, Facebook etc. The reporting system makes it user friendly and presentable for your analysis. The technology uses AI powered high performing image processing to find the exact advertiser’s name.  

Audience cloud

Audience cloud is a cloud-based service based on audience data that allows us to serve data driven advertisement campaigns for you and create accurate insights/reports.   

AdPlay audience cloud manages database which stores 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party audience data considering the ethical concerns of the advertisement industry.   

Native Advertising

Native advertisement lets your ad become a part of the platform’s content minimizing the “Ad Fatigue” of the viewers. AdPlay is here to get your Ads served on our native publishers’ platforms on their premium inventories at the best market price

Adtech Platform

We are capable of reaching beyond our capabilities by partnering with international AdTech solution providers. Partnership with AdTech platforms helps us to provide you complete advertisement solutions which certainly adds value for your brand’s marketing. 

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