What’s New on AdPlay DSP?




What’s New on AdPlay DSP!

In the month of October, we bring you 6 new key features that provide more flexibility and control to the advertisers during campaign creation and optimization. The key features include:

Custom Timing:

  • Custom timing allows the advertisers to run their campaigns within preferred hours of the day
  • Advertisers can implement custom timing by selecting certain dates and hours
  • Does not limit an advertiser to a generalized timeframe as they can decide a timeline for each of the campaign dates within the campaign duration

Audience Mapping:

  • Advertisers can store the audience of the campaigns using audience mapping
  • Advertisers have the privilege to create campaigns by targeting their preferred audiences based on mapping
  • Can be a handy feature for advertisers while running retargeting campaigns
  • Advertisers can have targeting access to the preexisting audiences such as FMCG, High-value users, Electronics, Telecom, Food and drinks, Home appliances, etc.

Audience Dashboard:

  • A user dashboard that presents both numerical and graphical insightful audience data to the advertisers
  • Advertisers can see granular insights such as Audience volume, Geo, Operating System, Device model, Carrier etc.

Campaign Optimization:

  • A major feature that fulfills the campaign goals by enhancing the performance of the advertiser’s campaign
  • Allows the advertisers to optimize campaigns based on KPIs such as viewability, CTR, clicks etc.

Publisher wise bidding:

  • Advertisers can choose to set separate bid prices for their preferred publishers
  • This feature simultaneously provides a solution for advertisers to win auctions for pricy inventories and also not overpay for inventories they don’t want
  • Advertisers can define basic campaign criteria such as min/max bid price, impression, etc.

Frequency Capping:

  • Using frequency capping an advertiser can set a limitation on the number of times an ad appears to a specific viewer within a certain timeline. E.g. If the frequency cap is set to 5, a certain user can see the campaign’s ad for 5 times within the campaign timeline